Welcome to Bali Reef Aquarium

Located in sanur, Denpasar bali, Balireef aquarium is currently the largest aquarium stores in the provinces. By constantly supplying bali with aquariums, aquarium essentials, fishes, invertebrates, and plants which is applicable to either marine and freshwater species, we have slowly gain popularity and trust from our customers, in addition to the experiences we gain.

With almost ten years of experiences we have succeed to satisfy our costumer in project base demands, growing with aquatic related import capabilities and with fully functional export capabilities in near future.

If you need more information please feel free to contact us or visit our shop Bali Reef Aquarium, Jl. Hang Tuah 42, opposite the KFC Sanur near the Grand Bali Beach traffi c light. Or call tel. +62 361 281488.

Feature Fish Species Collections

  • marine fish

    Marine Fishes

    We provide various marine species with broad range of availability. please note that we do not include all species in the list. Any demands? just contact us.
  • koi fish

    Koi Fishes

    We supply large variety of koi fishes, with quality ranging from affordable to competition quality.
  • arwana


    Arowana, which often called dragon fish is a majestic fishes with aggressive nature. Popular in asia for aquarium pets, conveniently we supply broad range of Asian arowana.

Aquarium Equipments Collections

  • circulating-pump

    Circulating Pump

    Is a centrifugal pump suitable for permanent outdoor use, both submerged and externally.
  • co2-reactor

    CO2 Reactor

    Perfect for reef aquarium with calcium reactor setup or plant aquarium with CO2 setup.
  • food and medication

    Food and Medication

    Well balanced staple diet made from more than 40 ingredients for the daily feeding of all ornamental fish in community aquariums.
  • filter-equipment

    Filter Equipment

    This granular ferric oxide hydroxide filter media absorbs phosphates from saltwater and freshwater.